Hi people who read this blog.

I have been noticing that a great number of people with whom I've never interacted are suddenly leaving me comments, pemanently linking me on their blogs and directing traffic to the HM Blog.

I like you guys.

Dan the Goose and his comrade Pete decided that I might be a decent alternative when our friend Tony Pierce takes a break from having imaginary conversations. I'm flattered. Even though Dan thinks I'm a schizo. It's okay because he's probably right.

I require high security at a place where great surnames are celebrated. And a fave blog with my brain freeze? Yes please.

Evan Ames of Goose the Force AIM chat fame also gave me a left bar link. Nifty. How do I get so lucky?

I'm shocked some times that people read the shit I throw up here for my own personal entertainment. I'm often more shocked that some of you even like it. Thanks for the love.