Since the holiday season is rapidly approaching, and all of you love me so much as to almost certainly have spent wondering what I might like to receive in gift form to celebrate the holidays, I thought I'd give you some hints.

  • A Nimbus 2000
  • An all-expenses paid scuba diving trip to either the Cayman Islands or Australia. Either will be fine.
  • A busblog t-shirt
  • Los Angeles Kings: Stanley Cup Champions
  • A political campaign focusing on issues without a single negative campaign ad
  • Concert tickets to see any of the following groups: Bon Jovi, Pearl Jam, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Huey Lewis and the News, Britney Spears, Maná, Journey (with Steve Perry) or Elton John.
  • Blogchildren. When the hell are the Blondemaster and Bennitt going to get their acts together?
  • Safe, effective and all-natural penile enlargement
  • Peter Engel agreeing to release a collector’s edition DVD series of Saved by the Bell
  • A Bowflex Ultimate and space in my apartment to put it somewhere
  • Lots of comments to even the most mundane things I write in the HM Blog
  • A parking spot closer than three blocks away from my apartment
  • Vegas
  • Better ideas for stupid holiday gift lists