Yesterday Mr. Jay Ricketts decided that "Hose Monster" would be a great band name, and I have to agree with him.

In fact, I feel somewhat flattered that he would even consider using Hose Monster for his band name. I say go for it, bit if he indeed ends up decided to stick his band with my blog name, I would have a few requests.

  • Keep it as "Hose Monster," and not "Hosemonster." Most people, whenever they write out the name of my blog, choose to keep it as one word, and frankly, it's no big deal. But I prefer the non-compound version. I don't know why, I'm just weird. And if the name has a chance to make it onto CD covers or otherwise, I want to see it done my way. Not that I'm picky or anything.

  • If you ever record a CD, I get a shout out in the liner notes along the lines of "And much love to the original Hose Monster, Chris Ward." I need attention.

  • I get free tickets to any concerts and backstage passes if you ever get really big. Oh, and on that outside chance, band members will do their best to steer the best looking but not stanky groupies my way.

I'm pretty easy to please. In fact, I'm already ecstatic that I might have come up with another cool band name. I think "Hose Monster" might be my second favorite band name ever. I wasted my favorite one ever - Pocket Lint - on my high school punk "band" (which really meant that about three guys sat around in the afternoon playing Madden and two of the three of us had instruments and the other guy had a couple of plastic buckets he'd bang on now and again). I wrote my greatest song ever, "Fat Guy on a Bike," for Pocket Lint, but I never got to play it live for anyone. Sad.

Anyway Jay, knock yourself out with "Hose Monster." Just for the record, Pocket Lint is off limits. If I ever start playing with another group, I'm going to rehash that name.