Apparently Dan the Goose and his Internet bride-to-be beautiful Sarah have decided that they're not going to name their kid Hose Monster. This highly depresses me. I had hoped that someday someone would challenge me for the honor of one of the most popular Hose Monsters on Google or the most popular Hose Monster on Yahoo!. But I guess it's not to be. Maybe someone will name a band after me instead.

I've noticed today that there seems to be a bit of enmity jumping around through the blogosphere as a result of people linking other people and referring X to site Y or whatever. Ward Entertainment appears to have some beef with Tony Pierce for a number of reasons, today's prominent issue being Tony's apparent constant linking of Raymi. Evan Ames also makes comments on this matter.

I don't really understand any of this. In my opinion, who the hell cares to whom I link, or why I enjoy reading sites like Tony or Evan or Cooped-Up or Up Yours or whatever? Furthermore, who the cares why I write stuff in here, and why does everything I write or anything anyone else writes has to seem like a personal attack on you or your sister? I'm sure I offend people in here all the time, I know I say dumb things on here all the time, but I'm not really out here writing to piss you off or spin nothing but intelligence commentary. And if I do unintentionally offend you, why the hell do you care what I think anyway?

And even if I offend you or someone else does, why is the response a lashing back? Anger and attacks beget more anger and attacks, and to be honest, there are far too few good blogs out there for everyone to be bickering about silly things or comments someone left on a site or whatever. I don't see the point in all of this at all. I'm sure people out here hate me and think I do nothing but shoot out drivel day after day, or they think I'm some leftist piece of shit or pathetic Romeo or some schizo who talks to inanimate objects and obsesses about women way too much or whatever. I'm sure people think that, and it wouldn't surprise me to learn that some of these people come back here day after to day to chide my most recent crap-ass post. But I don't really give a shit about that one way or another, whether they comment on my idiocy or criticize me on their blogs. For all the excitement I feel when I see a new link to Hose Monster out there or for all the frequency with which I check my daily web stats, I'm not writing this blog for a single one of you. This thing here is all about me and it's all for me. The fact that some of you enjoy my doing so makes me feel extremely special, but if you all decide that I am the world's greatest asshole because of this post or something else, even then I'll still be doing this exactly the same way I've been doing this.

I like Ward Entertainment. I read it daily. I like Tony Pierce. I read him daily. Same for Evan Ames. I'm not criticizing anyone here personally. Anyone who has the balls and is willing to start a site and spill their guts for all the world to see every day has already earned my respect. I may disagree with them sometimes, and if I do disagree with any of you out there, I'll say so. I disagree with the enmity posts going on right now. I don't think it's necessary, I don't think it's good for anyone involved, and I don't think many people like to read the posts because they're not involved. I just think the blogosphere would be a slightly more pleasant if we kept the criticism constructive and left the personal attacks in our minds and out of our blogs.

Just a thought.

Pathetically written while humming "Give Peace a Chance"...