For those of you who visit my page but have not added Tony Pierce's busblog to your reading list, do yourself a favor and read Tony's ongoing narrative of his fictional trip to heaven with Kurt Cobain, which currently has 7 installments (installment 1, installment 2, installment 3, installment 4, installment 5, installment 6, installment 7).

Even though Tony is something of a blogging hero to me, I do have my disgreements with some of the battles he fights in his blog occasionally and sometimes the things he writes don't interest me all that much. But work like the current series reminds me why Tony has sat atop my bookmarks list for well over a year and why I've read everything he's written in that time span.

Read the Kurt Cobain stories. You may not think they're art like I do, and you may not think he's branching out into thoughts you'd never contemplate like I do, but I think you'll have a hard time convincing yourself that the stories are not wildly entertaining like I do.