Hey y'all:

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I was just getting ready to fire my second salvo at the whole abstinence thing that came up with my last post (and by the way, thanks for the comments yesterday; I'm glad to know I was not the only person who saw that article as an absolute embarrassment to the supposed intelligence of the educated classes. And just so you know, per my little Ice Cube's suggestion, I did submit a very similar letter to the Newsweek editorial staff yesterday), so I plugged my computer in at home only to discover that my Internet connection had decided to go for a little R&R, where it stayed for the rest of the night. I was not very happy about it. Oh well. I'll just have to pick up the slack today.

Also, really quickly, thanks to everyone who's visiting and reading and linking. I'm starting to see myself linked all over the place, and my hits and comments are steadily increasing with each day. It's nice to know you're all out there.

Much love,