It occurred to me today that I don't know any other bloggers.

Now and again I read about how Tony and Moxie went to a Halloween party together, or how Meesh invited him poolside to watch game 7 of the World Series, or how Dawn and Eric Olsen hung out with Welch and Layne at some swank Hollywood party, or something along those lines. Meanwhile, I've had IM conversations or traded emails with other bloggers, but I've never met anyone whose blog serves as daily entertainment fodder.

Honestly, this is not a big deal to any extent whatsoever, because my unresearched feeling is that most bloggers who read each other enjoy a respectful relationship from an electronic distance. On the other hand, it seems to me likely that people who keep blogs probably have met at least someone else who had a blog as well, even if they don't read the blogs of these people they've met.

But since starting mine little less than half a year ago, I've never once even enocuntered someone who has a blog, and given the fact that these suckers keep tending to pop up among the intelligentsia among our civilization and the ubiquity of bloggers among college campuses, it would stand to reason that, seeing as I consider myself to be a respectably intelligent person and I've spent a decent amount of time living around a college campus in the last couple of years, I should have met someone out there doing more or less the same thing I do every day.

Can it really be possible that all of you are hanging out in Southern California, or does it just seem that way?