My first semester of law school finals is sucking the life out of me.

I may exaggerate on this a little but, but honestly, it would only be a slight use of hyperbole, but I think I've spent, on an average, betwen 6 and hours at the library each day over the last week. And that got me through only the first week of finals. I have my most difficult final on Tuesday and then my last one on Friday. I want to complain about this, but in all honesty, the material through which I'm going interests me on the whole, and knowing the rules that I have learned only the last week or so is kind of exciting. And yes, I'm a huge geek.

But there is just so much, and my endurance is falling apart. I have done very little over the last ten days but study (save going to a Dave Matthews concert last night, but in the back of my mind, I felt a little guilty for taking seven hours out of the day to kick back), eat, sleep and take exams, and at this point, I am losing my ability to stare at rules and I'm losing the ability to spend hours on end going through work, doing practice tests and reading 60-page outlines. I spent two hours studying today and I absolutely had to leave the library to come watch football. I keep telling myself that after the 49ers game is over that I am going to return to the library and dig in for the night, but at this point I'm a little unsure that I will have the ability to stay there tonight long enough to get through the amount of work I know I need to do tonight to prepare myself for Tuesday.

I'm starting to cease to care whether I do well anymore. I just want to finish this week, have a beer or twelve, and take a month off. I guess I just need to let blow off some steam. Sorry for doing it here. Hope the picture at least made you laugh, because I sure as hell ain't getting that done right now.