It's very cold where I live. Want to know how cold? This cold. Pay attention to the "Feels Like" category. Yes. It's great.

You know what pisses me off? That ESPN is making a huge deal and calling it a bad break for the Colorado Avalanche that Joe Sakic will be out 2-4 weeks with a broken foot.

Boo freakin' hoo.

Joe Sakic is a great hockey player. In fact, if I could build my dream hockey team, Joe Sakic might be the first guy I would take. The Colorado captain can play and he makes a huge impact every time he steps on the ice.

But this latest sympathy story in the media represents why sometimes they blow so much. One guy goes out and it's a top story, whereas on other teams, not one guy but EIGHT top players sitting on injured reserve while that team tries to keep its ever-slimming playoff hopes alive in the NHL's toughest conference and the most competitive division over the last four years with a bunch of minor leaguers. How much attention has ESPN paid to this, that no current ESPN hockey pundit can remember the last time a team so greatly struggled with injuries? Practically none.

I suppose I shoul reveal that I'm talking about my beloved Los Angeles Kings and I really cannot stand the Colorado Avalanche, but I'm sure my indignation has nothing to do with these factors.

Anyway, since I'm all over the place tonight, I'll take a quick moment to thank everyone out there saying that I write really well and exhibit well thought-out statements. I appreciate the compliments.

Oh, and I'm kind of trying to find a way I can get some place to custom-make some underwear. I want to try and get a thong with a special design on it and maybe even color (it's not for me, I promise), but every time I put some variation of "customized underwear" into search engines, I get more hits from sites where girls will autograph their panties and send them to me than I'd really care to look at.