Some time in the next few hours, I anticipate HM will welcome its 10,000 visitor.

This blog reaches you from very paltry beginnings. HM started last summer because I found myself frequently bored at my job. In the 7 months that have passed since then, HM has become a passion for me, a source of great laughter, aggravation, occasional trepidation and very frequent joy. Some blogs get more hits, some blogs have better writing, some blogs make their readers laugh more or think more or have more pictures of half-naked women, but I might have to argue that few blogs keep their authors so emotionally engaged and feed off of the influences given it by its peers.

Now and again I think I do a decent job of writing on this site and feel proud to put things out there for you to read. Obviously, I am simultaneously my harshest and most generous critic. Now and again, however, I see things like what Greg over at The Ward wrote today:

Hose Monster: This is like Ward Entertainment on steroids. I would put him just beneath Tony Pierce in quality of writing. He, also, is very talented. The day I finally break and murder someone for cutting me off on the Garden State Parkway, I'll call him to be my legal counsel.

I take this as high, high praise. Thanks Greg. And to everyone else who has, since the inception of HM, ever left a comment, sent me an email, Instant Messaged me, linked me in a blog or some other site, offered criticism to my writings or encouraged me with praise, please accept my thanks for your support and inspiration. HM belongs entirely to me, but he doesn't thrive without any of you.

I'll be raising one tonight in celebration of the first 10,000 and I'll drink to the next 10,000 to come.