Ugh. Now that the vacation is effectively over (even though classes do not start up for another two weeks), I have to focus my energies on finding a job for the summer.

I really don't care much for job searching. I hate trying to sell myself because it feels like I like to blow sunshine up my ass all the time. This blog clearly demonstrates that I do not have a problem talking about myself in most capacities, but for some reason, trying to get some unknown person interested in me and my skills really strikes a nerve of aversion in me. My current job search loathing is aggravated by the fact that I want to find a job in the legal field, given my current schooling, and at this point, I don't think I know enough about it to quite grasp what will resonate well with employers.

Anyone have a father who's an attorney or know someone who is who would want to hire a bright, well-spoken (and well-written, I like to think) kid for a summer to do some fun legal work?