I find myself growing more and more frustrated with Haloscan these days. Over the weekend and most of the day Monday their service was down and my comments did not show up. It appears that this problem returned earlier this morning and has returned to plague me this afternoon. And even when the comments seems to work, half the time they don't show up on the page when you first load it and you have to refresh to get a chance to write a comment or read those of someone else.

This is really annoying. I switched over the Haloscan because my previous comments provider worked so unreliably. For quite some time the I felt like I made a great move. But recently I cannot stand the fact that my comments work so poorly. And when I write things like my post from yesterday, which I know people will find disagree with and even find controversial, I want them to call me out, tell me where my arguments fall flat and when I should really take care with my generalizations. And when all of you come here and enjoy something I write or disagree with something I put together, I want to know it.

Haloscan is currently depriving us of that ability, and it's really starting to piss me off.

I'd think about switching, but I don't know to what service I would switch. And moreover, I really don't want to lose all the comments I've acquired since switching to Haloscan, especially since I lost some great comments left with my old service and I feel pretty bummed by that. And importantly, like most bloggers, I don't pay for commenting. So to some extent I feel a little bad about complaining about this.

But I will probably keep doing it anyway.