I had my fourth interview in a week today. Had to wear a shirt and tie to class. Again. I felt all day like I might as well have had a flashing sign on today that says "Hi. I'm trying really hard and getting plenty of opportunities, but I am unable to find a job." I know at least seven different people asked me about my interview today, and in their voices I could hear the "you have ANOTHER interview today? Why so many?" thought just dripping off their words. I don't think I will remember today as a good day, especially since I arrived home to find yet another rejection letter in my mailbox from an employer with whom I thought I had a really good chance.

I think I might just print up a sign that says "Job Search" and staple it to my dartboard this evening.

But you know, I'm tired of complaining about this stuff in this forum. And besides, I have a box full of clementines in my fridge and I'm finally starting to look like I work out three times a week. Small successes.