I hate Valentine's Day.

Like most people with an aversion to the fabricated holiday, I hate it because of the fact that the whole reason we have a Valentine's Day is that we have retailers who perpetuate the celebration of St. Valentine to increase the wealth spilling out of their coffers. While I've never really had a girlfriend in February, I do not hold some grudge against the holiday simply because I never have anyone to share it. In my personal opinion, you have to have more self-confidence than that, but as always, easier said than done.

But my sentiments notwithstanding, February is a month dedicated to lurv. That said, I have to tell you all a little secret:

Hose Monster is for Lovers

And for all of you lovers, I have decided to commit the month of February to educating you on some great music for intimacy and romance. Over the next few weeks, I'll list for you some of my favorite tunes, many of which you might not know, to create just that perfect candle-lit romantic mood for you.

Today's Hose Monster love song: "My One And Only Love" by John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman.

Stay tuned for more authentic Hose Monster love.