Very quick wrap-up of today for you all:

Most importantly, thank you all tremendously for the amazing number of comments, emails and instant messages offering compliments, praise and support in response to the post I wrote yesterday. That the matter is very important seems clear from the fact that I wrote so intensely about it. That you all had such great things to say was never an expectation in my head. I truly appreciate everyone's feedback.

The other thing is that posting will likely be a little sparse for the next few days. My computer decided last night that it did not want to contine receiving AC power and it's definitely something connected to the mother board. Hence, HP will have to open up my machine (and I'll have to open up my extremely strained wallet) to fix the damn thing, necessitating that I go a few days without my computer. Just for the record, this is a fate worse than death for a law student, especially one trying to find a job. Bear with me. I'll do my best to keep something up here for you to check out.

Much lurv,