Anyone with half an observant wit knows that I am a big fan of Victoria’s Secret. So you can imagine my excitement today when my lovely girlfriend told me that I should accompany her to Vicky’s today.

I still love Vicky’s. And I greatly enjoyed today’s trip. But for the love of good taste, what the hell is with all the damn pastels?

All of it still looks great. And the Vicky’s models and my girlfriend still look great in it. But honestly, even though the Spring lines are all rolling out, why the hell does that mean everything has to be pink? Sexy bras and underwear are supposed to be white, black, red, dark blues and purples and maybe even a forest green here and there. But lime green? Coral? A muted purple? Who makes these decisions?

I feel bad slandering Vicky’s here. And in truth, it’s not just them. Other stores I walked by suffered from the same phenomenon. It’s Spring. It’s not time for a My Little Pony fashion show.

Happy Spring everyone.