Hi my number one fan Hose Monster.

Hi gloriously hot Victoria's Secret model.

I like the new layout.


But who's the girl on the banner?

I don't know. But I'd like to.

Why? You want someone new? I'm not good enough?

No, I promise everything is great with you.

That's good. But I have to ask you, with everything going on, why are you talking to me?

You mean should I be out celebrating the fact that I got a job?

No, but congratulations on that. Are you happy about it?

Happy enough. Wasn't my first choice, but such is life sometimes. I'll have the money to pay rent.

Well that's good. But I wasn't referring to that.

We're you referring to the fact that Alfred loaded me up with compliments yesterday?

Yeah, that was nice of hime too. But I'm thinking bigger picture.



You know, I don't care what people say about you hotties. You concern yourselves with more than fun tropical locations and keeping the readers of HM entertained.

It's true, we're all citizens of this world together.


So given Bush's essential declaration of war last night and the proliferation of news stories and blogs talking about the inevitability of war, why aren't you weighing in?

It's out of my hands, so to speak, at this point. It's out of anyone's hands at this point. The long march to war has reached its goal.

So you're going silent on the issue?

For now. I still don't have an opinion on the matter. But I don't care about the politics any more. Now I simply care about the people.

What people?

The people out there doing the job far from home. Doing an unpopular job to pay for college or support their families or uphold an ideal in which they believe in.

Yeah, they deserve some love.

So do those on the other side. I'm now thinking about the Kurds who might bear the brunt of Saddam's aggression, the innocent people in Baghdad who unfortunately live too close to crucial targets. The politics don't matter any more. Now it's just the people who never got to be more than tools of those politics.

I'm thinking about them too.

Not about me?

I'm always thinking about you. No one loves me like you.

Good enough.