I went to college with this guy. Actually, I did more than go to college with this guy; I lived with him for three years and got to engage in discussion, occasionally lively discussion, much more often. We orient ourselves to the goings-on around much differently, and we have divergent political opinions on some things (though I think we agree more than we disagree, but he might disagree on that one too...). And today, I simultaneously do and do not share his sentiments. I don't know if I'm as discouraged as him, but I think he's put something in writing that I've to this point feared putting in words.

I've thought about current policy in connection to Iraq and the shift from a defense to offense approach to military use. In some respect, I've said it in my head that we're heading down a Roman road here. I have felt reluctant to compare ourselves to an empire, though the comparison has merit, to say today, these 72 hours mark the high water point of the United States of America, that I will spend the rest of my life worrying that the day to day confidence I feel, which certainly stems in large part from my future as a citizen of this country, is slowly eroding. But I've felt that way at times, and I find my serious misgivings as to what's going on from this dread.

I do not feel it in such a pronounced way as my pal Adam. But today I am very glad that he came out ranting a feeling that I've secretly harbored for two months.

Okay, I promise a break from politics now. People will start to think I am one of those serious bloggers or something.