I'm really not a religious person at all. My first Ash Wednesay out here in the Midwest, I saw some guy with some muck on his forehead and stopped him to tell him he had something on his head. He muttered "asshole" and walked away. Of course, after seeing about three other people with black marks on their forehead, I figured out that something must be happening. But it wasn't until later that afternoon, when a friend of mine was talking about Lent, than I realized it was Ash Wednesday.

Lent has never been anything of a big deal for me. It's never even been a deal. I was raised as a Methodist, and either the good disciples of John Wesley don't care much about the season or my parents never made me make a mid-week trip to church, smear something on my forehead and give up stuff for forty days and forty nights.

But anyway, we're into the Lent season, and everyone around me is plotting what they are going to give up until Easter, so I sort of feel like I should also give up something. But the real question is what. A few potentials and my thoughts on them:

  • In the library today I briefly thought about giving up sex. That thought lasted all of four seconds.

  • I considered giving up swearing. But then I realized that when you give up something for Lent, it's supposed to be something you want to have back, that you'll miss. I should just try and reduce the swearing because it's a good thing to do.

  • I thought giving up posting Victoria's Secret pictures on HM would be a really good one, but then I got all these visitors coming here today because someone linked me for having Vicky's pictures up, and I realized that no one really comes here to read, just to drool, so pulling the rug out from under my readership didn't sound so good either.

  • As much as my liver would like me to, I simply am not giving up booze. Spring break occurs during Lent, for heaven's sake.

  • I could stop talking to inanimate objects, but then people might think I'm normal, and we simply cannot have that.

  • Not playing on the Internet during class would be a really good one and probably beneficial to my academic performance, but then I might go comatose in Civil Procedure.

Anyway, having never giving up anything for Lent before, I find myself having a hard time to come up with something. Everything is either impossible or something that will simply not work.

If anyone has a suggestion, let me know.