I'm still reeling from today's drive to St. Louis for a quickl little two-hour layover before returning to the Cornfield. I really need cruise control on my next car.

I'm also trying to keep a handle on the NHL after the record flurry of dealing today at the annual trade deadline. My team made two fairly big deals, not to strengthen their team (since they're effectively out of the playoffs) but to dump salary, get something for unrestricted free agents and build up the young talent base of the team. I still haven't arrived at a conclusion as to how I feel about it. I knew the Smolinski deal was coming, but I confess the Schneider deal caught me by surprise. No more hockey talk; I know it bores you.

Seen today on the interstate: a bumper sticker that said:
The West wasn't won with salad

And finally, I have to direct everyone to the outstanding comment left by new visitor Cory. His drawing of a distinction between a person and people struck me as very logical, and I wish the thought had come to me yesterday while writing. Anyway, welcome to the HM realm, good Cory.