The last week has left me with that sour taste in your mouth when you feel like you simply cannot do anything right. I suppose one big reason why I feel this way is that I did do something horribly wrong this week (which I was going to write about earlier, but didn't because I wanted to spend my time trying to fix my screw-up, and now it feels like things have simply moved on enough that I wish not to bring it back up. Besides, this way I don't sincerely destroy the lofty opinion some of you erroneously have of me), but so much just seems to spin around every day that I don't quite know where to set my feet, and I therefore feel a profound sense of inconsistency haunting me right now.

I think it's mostly stress and a profound sense of dissatisfaction with the current status quo of life. For as much as I enjoyed last semester as a whole, this semester has sucked all my enthusiasm for law school. Classes are mostly procedural, and my schedule is much more skewed to early classes, resulting in less sleep and a diminished ability to confront what has become a three and half month exercise of working my way through tasks. My life outside of school has gone through relatively dramatic changes in the last few months. Unlike law school, I confess that I find myself pleased with these outside developments, but I won't pretend that these changes have changed my orientation to life and resulted in lots of time spent thinking instead of sitting mindlessly watching Beavis and Butthead.

But good things always abound. A nice email found its way into my inbox on Friday from A.J. It appears that he likes to browse web sites and write up little blurbs as to why he's decided to link them. HM recently made it onto the list, and A.J. writes:

Everything my writing could be, only better. I swear he grabbed [a] post about reader comments straight from my brain, then filtered out all the small words, sprinkled in some vocabulary and actually made a coherent & interesting blog entry. Of course, I had already decided to link him after reading this post [about idiotic people] and this one [about receiving a sobriety test].

Thanks for the nice review man. Welcome to the realm of the Hose Monster.

And since I'm thinking about this, I think I'll just write stream of consciousness style like my pal Alfred. Is my writing style too unnatural or pretentious. I suppose I realize that I tend to write in a manner using sentence constructions and diction that most people do not encounter in the everyday reading, but do I come off as some Dickensian writer trying to make money by the word? I tend to write the way I think (which might explain why I sometimes forget to type words and my sentences don't make sense or say what I clearly don't intend for them to say), and the words I use are the first words that come to my head. I don't sit around and try and plan for an opportunity to employ words like "ostentatious" and duplicity"; they just sort of happen. Hope that sort of thing doesn't bother any of you, because it's not going to change, just like I'm not going to suddenly start proofreading my posts for errors and clarity.

I think I'll write about George W. Bush and the impending action in Iraq tomorrow. It's been awhile since I've had a political rant. I figure I'm about due to say something interesting for a change.