Well, it appears that the goose is somewhat out of the pen, so to speak. A certain other blogger, who deserves my great admiration, asked an important question:

Say, I noticed your blog is now ad-free. You wouldn't happen to be planning a site redesign, would you?

So yeah, HM is currently undergoing a little overhaul, appearance wise. When I started this blog, I threw up whatever template looked the best to me on that day. Not being the most HTML-savvy person out there (though I must confess I've taught myself a lot more than I ever expected to know a year ago), I never really made any major modifications to the design of this site and just resigned myself to having a butt-ugly blog.

But the day has come when HM will look a little less abrasive and its appearance will better mirror its content.* The new design will look smoother and more suitable to the things I put up here. I'm hoping you like it, because I do.

You will probably see the new look sometime this week, so wait for it impatiently and celebrate its arrival with copious amounts of alcohol when it appears.

*Not through any of my own efforts, mind you. Like I said, I'm mostly HTML and other computer language inept.