I had a terrible thought last night while I laid restlessly awake in bed.

Maybe I shouldn't post Victoria's Secret pictures anymore.

I like to think of myself as a pretty good guy. Sensitive, respectful, not the type of guy who would rub up against a girl in a crowded bar just for a cheap thrill (and seriously, how does anyone get a thrill from that?). Last weekend I spent quite a few hours with a guy who was a total misogynist and just being in his vicinity really upset me. That's the type of guy I want to think myself: one who respects women and appreciates the fact that they do just about everything better than I do.

But I'm also a guy with a strong appreciation for physically attractive women who don't really represent women in general wearing physically-enhancing strings and fasteners to make me pay attention. And I shamelessly admit that it works.

Vicky's lingerie is damn sexy, and while it makes those models look great in the catalog, as viewers of plastic-coated pages, we can only appreciate from afar and wonder. However, speaking for myself, I have my own girl to model Vicky's for me in the privacy of our homes, and she looks damn good and turns me on way more than the women in the catalog. From that perspective, I don't think I have a problem with objectification of women through Vicky's pictures, just a healthy appreciation.

But that does not change the fac that I place pictures up here every once in a while to mirror, the things I write on HM, but more often than not, I simply throw them up here because they look good and I feel the need to put some picture up. And that's simply an unexplained usage: I throw the picture up there because it looks good.

So seriously, weigh in on this issue if it strikes your fancy: should I stop posting Vicky's pictures up here in the interests being a better person? Or do you find the pictures completely untroublesome.

I throw this fully clothed Vicky's picture up here as an initial olive branch to my nay-sayers. If you exist.