Congratulations to me for teaching myself in three days an entire first-year course on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, a task my amazingly worthless professor failed to even remotely accomplish in three months.

Seriously though, at this point in my education, while I certainly don't have the expectation that all my instructors will blow me away with their depth and knowledge of the topic and their abilities to impart some of that knowledge to me, I do expect that people with lots more education, lots more experience and lots more money than me will at least know something with regard to the subject matter at hand. I find myself quite disappointed that I had to wait until the 17th grade to find such a lousy instructor.

The amount of time I could have saved this semester by not going to that class saddens me beyond belief. At the very least, for wasting my time and making listening to him/her impossible, my professor could have brought in pictures like this:

I would have at least remembered what happened on those days: none of the guys learned a damn thing and all of the girls sat there pissed off.

I love law school sometimes.