I don't think anyone missed me. Which is good. I don't need my ego to swell on me beyond its already perilously large size.

So I finished my first year of law school with more of a whimper than a bang. Turned in my last exam and hit the golf course that afternoon, then took a quick little weekend vacation to sunny, humid Florida. And now I have returned to the Cornfield to face the sad fact that three days after it started, summer vacation has come to an end.

I have class tonight. Summer class. Four nights a week, 5-7.

I start my full-time job tomorrow.

Job wearing a shirt and tie everyday followed up by class, the class that will be my reprieve from normal class. Yes, this summer will rub me in mysterious ways I wish not to ponder at this delightful hour.

You can understand how I anticipate living for the weekends over the next two and a half months.

Of course, I expect I will find some moments of summer joy in all of this. Trips to the park tossing footballs or baseballs around. Weekends spent reading my Evidence book during poolside afternoons. Afternoons watching baseball and drinking beer. A quick weekend to Vegas, perhaps, another 4th of July journey that will be way too short to do its job. Oh well.

Even when I had a normal job and a normal life, summer meant something different. It meant Cubs games in the early evening and beach volleyball games on Tuesday nights, softball games on Wednesday nights, drunken bar-hopping on Thursday nights.

I'm still going to have a good time, dammit. After all, it's summer.