Today marks the first day of finals week, and to commemorate such a joyous period, I thought I would keep a running diary of my day in the library. Hope I don’t bore the hell out of you.

9:53: Well, here I am at a brand new library not attached to the law school, where I hope I might study without seeing too many people I know. Unfortunately, the two most annoying people from my class had the same thought and sat down at the table behind me. I have a good feeling about today.

10:02: For as much as talking about Constitutional Law interests me, studying it really cannot hold my attention for more than five minutes. I fear today’s efforts to cement my knowledge for tomorrow’s exams will face the formidable foe of boredom.

10:11: I cannot breathe through my left nostril. It’s completely stuffed up. I feel like snot is going to drip out of it at any time.

10:31: In an IM conversation with my girlfriend, I’ve just learned that she is in a study room discussing the incredible expanding powers of my little Hose Monster with some of our friends. Good times.

10:53: This sucks.

11:06: Reading all this stuff makes me want to become a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. I think I’ll do that some day.

11:13: I just realized I need to buy new Birkenstocks in the next two weeks before I go on vacation. But I’m afraid people will think I look retarded in them, even though I wore the soles off my old pair with nary a care. How the mind wanders some times.

11:16: I wonder where the best place in this library to have sex is.

11:22: I finished reading my Con Law outline for the first time, and I feel like I have everything in it fixed more or less in my head. I don’t want to start a practice test just yet, since lunchtime is fast approaching. Maybe I should read over the cases in my outline to help me get them more fixated in my head.

11:38: Just reviewed my cases, and I think I’m pretty well prepared for this first exam. Makes me wonder if I should start getting ready for my other ones, especially since I have my final in the afternoon tomorrow. But I am afraid that knowledge-replacement principle might exert itself, and anything new I teach myself will displace critical knowledge I will need for tomorrow.

11:53: Just read some blogs and discovered that Eric McErlain has decided to update his blogroll, and he’s added some new people, who apparently get to sit next to me. I don’t know if this is an honor or not, but I’ll take it as one because I like to think positively.

11:54: Lunch. HA HA!

13:18: Returned from an extended lunch. It’s beautiful and sunny outside. I feel a little bloated right now. Too much roast beef and Dr. Pepper. I don’t want to study any more. But now I’m up in a study room with a bunch of people from my class, so maybe I can keep myself entertained now.

13:26: I’m not sure much I’m learning much from this, but at least I am not bored, so I think it’s fine.

13:59: I have to pee.

14:08: I just peed. It felt good.

14:12: We’re now talking about misbehaving when we were young. The three guys in the room agree that we used to have a thing about kneeing people in the balls when we were young.

14:31: Now we’re talking about Playboys with the pages stuck together. Very productive.

19:10: Okay, so I’m finally back in the library. The pleasantness of the day finally got to us and we all decided to spend the afternoon outside. I went and threw a football around with the girlfriend and a study buddy, then she and I picked up her son and we grabbed some ice cream. Then I went looking unsuccessfully for new Birkenstocks, went home, grabbed a quick shower and now I’m going to read some cases for a final paper I have due in just under two weeks, because I cannot be bothered with Constitutional Law right now. Hooray.

19:25: Someone just decided to play with the shades on the windows here. I was momentarily blinded by the sun. Definitely not good times.

19:32: Someone keeps dropping out some nasty farts. Maybe he should go to the can. Maybe I will see him there, because I’m going too.

19:37: Nope, didn’t see him. Finding myself alone in the bathroom, I whistled and it echoed.

19:48: Done for the moment with my paper work. I feel like I just got a lot of good new information, but now I’m concerned that I have to write a lot more. As verbose as I am, I’m concerned with my 2800 word limit.

19:49: Review my Con Law outline or read blogs?

19:50: Reading blogs.

19:59: Goose has not updated in I don’t know how long. If the current picture on his site didn’t prominently feature a Del Taco cup, something I greatly miss here in the Cornfield, I would excommunicate him from my inner circle. At least until he IMed me and said hi. Then I think I would welcome him back to the flock.

20:02: You know, someday I think the lady and I should hop into the car and drive to Norman, OK. I want to meet Kristin Mad Pony because I imagine we’d do something really silly like crash a car into a fake lake filled with old decrepit flamingoes and lovelorn couples riding around on swan-shaped paddle boats. We’d pop the air bags on our crashed car with high heeled shoes and then go get some ice cream and laugh as though we hadn’t a care in the world.

20:12: I just remembered that wrestling world recently suffered a great loss in the death of Miss Elizabeth. I feel sad all over again.

20:13: Okay, one more quick read-through of the outline. Then I’m calling it for tonight.

20:18: The left nostril is started to cause problems again. Bitch.

20:27: Probably the quickest review I’ve done. But I’m tired of working for the day. And I haven’t even had one exam yet. And I won’t get to this one until 13:30 tomorrow. Oh well.

20:28: Just copied this text into Blogger.

20:29: Editing text.

20:32:Putting links into text.

20:34:Links in. Going to find a good Vicky's picture for today.

20:36:Vicky's picture found. Enjoy.