Well what a surprise. Eric Clapton! What brings you around here?

To tell the complete truth, Vicky’s. I’m trolling for Victoria’s Secret pictures.

It would seem to me that rich and famous rock stars shouldn’t have to scan less than noteworthy blogs to satisfy the craving for beautiful women.

So it would seem. But even we old rock stars have to start looking past the world of groupies and birds with fake boobs following our legend and money. It only gets worse as you grow older and fall a little further out of the public’s adoration.


I won’t even tell you what Ringo Starr looks at on the Internet in the wee hours of the evening.

I don’t think I want to know anything about Ringo at this point.

And I know too much. Sometimes, and I know this probably seems a little morbid, I think to myself that I hope that a trolley hits Ringo or something, because, well, Sir Paul has started to look awfully grizzly, and the thought of Ringo as the last living Beatle just kills me.

I hear that. Hey, you used to do some work with the Beatles, right?

I had a fine time back in those days, I did.

Hey, didn’t you do a lot of the guitar work of “Something,” that song George Harrison wrote for his wife? And then didn’t you run off with her?

I don’t like to talk of those affairs any more.

Why not? Did she die? Is that why you have to troll for Vicky’s pictures?

Can a man not simply troll for pictures of bras and thongs because he enjoys it?

I suppose. Nice subject change. So do you have a favorite model?

Well, one of my very favourites is Kelly Brook, a nice English lass with a rather large bosom. But you Americans don’t know much of her.

Indeed, we are a tragic sort.

But as for Vicky’s models, I don’t really have a preference as far as models go, I tend to do my looking more on the colours than anything else.

You get horny based on the color of their naughties?

I really like purple.

Mr. Clapton, I greatly enjoy purple as well, but I have started to think that you're an odd sort. Good thing I still enjoy your wizardry on the guitar not just a little.

I say, that’s fantastic. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Well, off on my merry way to find some more purple. Keep them coming my way. I’ll certainly endeavour to let the other old chaps know what I find here. I know Keith Richards likes that waify girl with that Amazonian look to her who always gets to wear the black stuff with garters.

I’ll try and put a picture of her up soon for Keith, if he can live long enough to wait.

Good show!