A few weeks ago Eric McErlain over at Off-Wing Opinion emailed me to say thanks for making him an honorary Hose Monster, calling it “a singular honor.” Such lofty terms make me smile. And because I am such an ass sometimes, I never responded to him. So here’s my response:

Off-Wing Opinion is my favorite blog. Hands down.

Never mind the fact that Eric and I share a devotion to the game of hockey and a wish that we could drag the Bauers and the Sherwoods out of the closet and on to the ice more frequently. Eric simply keeps a damn good blog.

For starters, trying to tackle a subject as broad as “sports” and trying to look at stories without becoming overly influenced by the commentary of the articles on which Eric chooses to comment strikes me as an extremely imposing challenge. But Eric does just that, giving attention not only to the items that make newspapers keep a Sports Page, but also examining the nuances of the less popular sports as well. I’m still eagerly waiting for Eric’s first post on the lumberjack competitions that also seem to take up crucial mid-afternoon airtime on ESPN2, but I have no fear that such an examination will soon be forthcoming.

I entered this world of blogging as the least traditional sort of blogger, wishing to follow more in the foot steps of Tony Pierce than Instapundit. My reading tastes followed similar lines. Only the fortuitous discovery of Off-Wing Opinion led me into a realm of more traditional “news” blogging.

And Off-Wing is the only blog I make a point of reading every single day now. Traditional or otherwise.

So Eric, sorry for not responding to you earlier. Please allow this gratuitous ass-kissing to make up for my rudeness. And keep up the amazingly good work.


P.S. Enjoy this special Victoria's Secret offering selected just for you.