In my last post regarding the lovely and talented Hose Mistress' birthday, reader Marc comments on what surely must have consumed many a male reader into the wee hours of the night: Where do all the Vicky's pictures come from?

As I sit here wishing to serve the community and satisfy the inquisitive thirst that HM no doubt spawns among all of you, I nonetheless hesitate to disclose the source of my endless bounty of beauty. I worry that what has become a recognized characteristic of HM, indeed perhaps the only recognizable and repeated feature of this blog, will become a source of cheap imitation, that readers looking for pictures of boobies covered in lace and satin will soon look elsewhere for their needs, and I will find myself with no readers and only the smallest of satisfactions in continuing to admire Vicky's pictures, the greater version lost to the readership of other more interesting, intelligent blogs with better writing, better content, and more pictures.

But duty to the public must nevertheless overcome selfish desire for numbers on the Site Meter counter, and to that end, I will soon spill the secret that launched about four links. Dear readers, please be mindful of my sacrifice and continue to visit your friendly neighborhood Hose Monster.

I get my Vicky's pictures from here.

And here.

Sometimes from here.

Here on Fridays.

Here on holidays.

And even sometimes here, when I want a special picture for a special occasion.

Gentlemen, now that the secret is out, go buy your ladies something special for tonight. And ladies, stop by my pal Alfred Pennyworth's site Ultrablognetic, which recently scored a link on the Blogger home page as a blog of note, one of the harder links to come by. Good show Alfred.