A visit to Vicky's online today gave me great relief. The dark days have ended.

I remember lamenting last spring about the overwhelming ambiance of pink then pervading the retail outlets of one of the most savvy marketing groups in memory. Pastel abounding, everything in weird shades of blue or pink. Nothing classic, nothing bright red or purple, and even a little thin on the good stuff in black and white.

No good leopard print. Nothing gold or creative. Just pastel richness that caused me to almost begin to wonder if my fascination for Vicky's needed retiring.

No more fear of that, I happily tell you today.

The red has returned. A bright purple Miracle Bra made me remember why I always thought purple lingerie could look so hot for some reason. Blacks, deep blues. Even an orange.

Even leopard print. Hooray.

No doubt the marketing masterminds in London, hoping to really turn it up for the pending holiday season, had noted the declining presence of Vicky's pictures on this site and started to wonder if something was up (or not up, like it should be...). No doubt they recognized the more common appearance of pictures in normal colors, of the total absence of models wearing bras carrying the color of "sugarmelon."

Give us black, we said. Give us red, and blue, and white, and leopard print, and make it look classy and sexy, like before. Take away those spring colors - in a dimmed bedroom, we want something strong, compelling. We want to pause and wonder if we like her more with it on or with it off.

Give us classic colors on the best looking underwear in the world, we said.

And they said, "okay."