Well, the clash of the familes seemed to go okay. No major snafus or even crazy stories to relate. However, we should take note of the level at which the family Hose Monster contributed to the local economy, indeed restrained only by the limitations imposed by the FAA on the amount of items a traveler may take on an airplane.

So the Cubs won Game 1 last night against the Atlanta Braves. They're currently up 2-0 in the first inning of Game 2. If they win tonight, they go back to Wrigley needing only one win, and with Mark Prior set to go Friday night. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but seriously, at this rate, I feel pretty good. If the Cubbies could quit loading the bases with nobody out and then not putting any more runs across (update: Cubbies loaded the bases with nobody out and the next three batters struck out in absolutely pathetic fashion - seems like quite a lift for the Braves to sneak out of the inning so cheaply), I would feel a lot better.

Speaking of the Cubbies, a number of sports pundits out there have gone on record as saying that a Cubs-Boston Red Sox World Series would put a much needed jolt into Major League Baseball. It could give the most beleagured fans in sports, at least one set of them, that elusive reprieve that has tormented them for so long.

I agree, a Cubbies-Red Sox Series would have special story lines for everyone involved. And while I give the Red Sox my full support in the American League, and especially against the hated Yankees, I have to tell you, all the belly-aching of Boston fans kind of gets to me. Why? Sean McAdams gets to the gist of it here:

It's tempting to say that Red Sox' fans and Cubs' followers are united in their misery, but that's only half-true. Besides decades of ultimate futility and endless frustration, the clubs actually have wildly different histories.

While the Cubs have won just one pennant since 1945, the Red Sox have won four. While the Cubs have been to the postseason just four times since their last World Series appearance, the Red Sox are embarking on their fourth trip since the wild card was introduced, all but once, it should be noted, by virtue of said wild card.

The Cubs can't seem to get to the World Series. The Red Sox get there occasionally, only to lose in the most excruciating manner imaginable. Cubs fans happily nurse their disappointment with beer. Red Sox fans are too busy being suspicious to drink much.

I confess that watching that lowlight of Billy Buckner boot the ball in Game 6 of the World Series over and over makes me feel just a little sick to my stomach; I cannot imagine how awful it would feel if I were a real Red Sox fan. Heartbreaks like that must hurt quite a bit. But ultimately, I keep coming down to simple facts: The Cubs haven't made it to the Series since the 50's. Last night they won their first playoff game in the road since 1945. Haven't won a championship since 1908. And that's the thing that makes me think the Cubbies deserve a championship just a little bit more.

It's the second inning of this game, Cubs are up 2-1, and I have already started to feel a little sick to my stomach. I have to take a break.