In the middle of ordering new contacts over the phone yesterday from 1-800 Contacts, my phone beeped. Another call.

Pause for a moment to digest the enormity of this. If coolness roughly equated to a game of kickball, the captains would pick all the Short Bus kids before me, and then only pick me because they had to else the teachers would have to give them a talk about everyone having something special to contribute. Having two people needing to talk to me on the phone, even though I called one of them, would serve as a basis for a blog entry itself.

But when that other call came from a law office in Los Angeles and carried with it a job offer for next summer, I suitably forget for a moment about the declining state of my eyesight and the excitement of simultaneous phone calls.

And I felt as relieved, at least for a moment, as I can remember feeling in a long time.

It hasn't ended yet. I still have another employer out there mulling over whether it wants to deign to offer me a summer associate position. And I confess my strong interest in that result. But I made it to one point: I have a job offer, and it is exactly the type of opportunity I had hoped to land.

I think a feeling of excitement at the opportunity and the real sense that I can see my future will come when I accept the offer, if that indeed becomes the result of all this. But at this point an overwhelming sense of relief trumps every other emotion. For myself and the Hose Mistress, as well as my family and a few others, a lot has rested on the results of the two call-back interviews I had in October.

A great number of unknowns still await resolution, and lots of steps remain for HMstress and I to take. But a very large hurdle has just passed underneath, and I feel much better for it.

And maybe a significant reduction in the amount of whining on Hose Monster will result as well.