Major goings-on on the screen of the Hose Monster computer this evening.

I came home tonight, fired up my computer, checked my email, and sat back.

And then something amazing happened.

I did some work for school that I don't really need to have done until some time in December. And I even enjoyed it in some way. Nothing like proactive productivity.

But the real shocker came after shutting my tax book. I opened up my browser and went through and read my favorite blogs, ones that I have in my favorites folders and occasionally glance at now and again. Tonight I read the latest posts from each of them.

I feel strangely pleasant right now, not so much in the sense that I have accomplished something, but more in that what so shocks me now seemed all too normal not long ago. I feel like I took one step to recovering myself in reading what everyone else had put up.

Perhaps this will impact my posting in the future. Maybe I will not sit down to a blank Blogger template and wonder whatever the hell to write, wonder how I can find some way to write without ranting about how employers need to get back to me about interviews that happened over a month ago, or how to not whine about how busy I feel. Nothing on that front will ever really change until I have started annoying my wife to get ready so we can make the 4:30 senior dinner special.

I don't really have any desire to become a great blogger, to land that one link that suddenly propels me to stardom. I don't think I have anything great to offer on that scale anyway. But having a normal blog and a normal reading relationship with other bloggers feels, at least for tonight, really nice.