So this article I came across today says that, contrary to what we might expect, the Paris Hilton sex tape might actually help her career.

Aside from the interesting discussion we could have about the tape, I would like to know exactly what career the article seeks to reference.

Seriously, I have never known someone who does so little with herself to attract so much attention. At least Anna Kournikova had tennis talent before she stopped trying to succed at tennis. At least Britney Spears can dance and can at least sing better than the masses, though she hasn't really made herself stand out with her singing. *N'Sync and the Backstreet Boys could at least harmonize, and even Elizabeth Taylor used to make movies.

Meanwhile, we have suddenly faced a barrage of Hilton sisters coverage because they do little more than party and let a merry-go-round of famous men encircle them. We know who they are because most of us have stayed in the grandfather's hotel and because their greatest pursuit is partying.

I could see how notoriety might help a career. It just seems to me that you need to have a career or some career aspiration in the first place. But that may just be me, since I don't really have much positive to say about the Hilton sisters at all.