The concerted effort to revive the frequency of my blogging has had a substantial impact on my creativity.

Trouble is, it often comes in the middle of the afternoon while I desperately try to keep my brain focused on learning codes of professional responsibility governing lawyers. And when I sit down at night to try and add a little extra to the facade of HM, all the great things I would write about have frittered themselves away somewhere, hidden from me.

Perhaps I might have better luck blogging in the middle of the day, when doing something with my breaks from studying instead of laughing at the free online strip poker I have discovered (good for men and women!) would behoove me and probably invigorate my overly-taxed attention span.

I had this great post about pubic hair running through my head earlier today, and about all I can remember of it now has something to do with the fact that scratching your hairs after a long day trapped in your boxers is pretty much akin to rubbing your fingers through a plastered hair of hat head. And yes, these things constitute "creativity" to me sometimes.

I feel very worn out this evening, for some reason. Physically, I feel a little bit tired, but really, I have grown so accustomed to feeling physically tired that most of the time I cease to notice it unless I really haven't slept much at all the previous night. Tonight I just feel very worn out for some unidentified reason.

As a consequence, I sit down to post something and basically come up with nothing. And yet I would argue that the link to the strip poker site might make this post one of my all-time greats.

Nonetheless, on the whole, I feel okay. A very prolonged period of stress finally achieves some finality in four days, and after that, I shall have a chance to relax a little. At least I keep thinking that I will, though I have much to do even after that magical date. But the impact of those tasks hardly compares to what I've experienced throughout this 2003.

Have a good Friday, my beloved readers and companions. And feel free to click on that strip poker link. Seriously, you know everyone else will do it, so don't feel any shame in playing yourself. Just remember to wait until you can do it discreetly. And let me know if you find any good hotties to undress.