DC left me a comment the other day asking me if I would please update the link on my page to his new blog.

So done, good sir.

His request has provoked a sense of guilt in me that, though this blog generates very little traffic these days, perhaps those who do visit might occasionally browse the other blogs I have chosen to link. And if anyone has gone to DC's old site instead, I feel that I have deprived them of some sort of wonderful experience.

You see, DC's delightful Ham Fisted Theatrics gets a special little place in my blog echelon because, if I had managed to spend my college days in ways less dorky, and if blogging had come into its own during my undergraduate days, I would have aspired to have a blog just like DC's.

First and foremost, he clearly has a smattering of intelligence inside that head of his; the creativity literally drips out of his writing, and he manages to accomplish this while generally addressing germane subjects. Girls back home sometimes, old family memories, the changes wrought on a city by the turning of the seasons. I have a soft spot for writing where the author clearly can hold his or her own in intellectual discussion but still manages to write emotionally and unpretentiously. We should all aspire to have some Dostoevsky elements in our ramblings.

But two things always stand out in Ham Fisted Theatrics these days: a command of how to go about college without drinking yourself into total oblivion and the fact that he takes writing, college and life to its Shakespearean fullest, always a stage, always allowing himself a role in the cast.

When I first started reading DC last year, his passion for drama and his apparent skill in the discipline immediately struck me. As a high schooler, he acted out monologues and even apparently developed his own dramatic works. Strangely, I could not help but think of Jay from the Real World: London, who performed his own play in their flat shortly before some drunk person bit part of Neil's tongue off. (Ah, the good times.) While at Columbia he appears to have continue this brand of edification, and it makes for good and generally very different and original blogging.

So do me a favor and visit DC's Ham Fisted Theatrics while I take my Income Tax final. No doubt he'll write something stellar in recognition of the Hose Monster love. Har har.