Last fall, I moved into a new apartment and began living with a roommate for the first time in two years. Feeling a little temerity at the change, I decided having a little personal companionship in my part of the apartment might help me make the transition back to acceptance of dual habitation and shared space.

Consequently, a 2.5 gallon desktop aquarium appeared atop my dresser one day.

My fish have not provided me with the companionship I sought. They seem little affected by my interest in their swimming, in how they generally stick to the same part of the tank rather than constantly visiting every part of their watery playland, and how they seem unexcited when I drop those smelly but colorful little flakes into their tank. Basically, they just hang out, ignore me, and die.

Not to try and suggest that I have found a talent as a fish killer; rather, circumstances have brought about the demise of each fishy friend. But I have constantly endeavored to keep the tank stocked, and so when I returned from the holiday break to my apartment, I quickly made a trip to PETsMART to get some new fish. One red-tailed Buenos Aires tetra (my second of the kind) and one Blue Diamond tetra. Delighted with my new additions, I cheerfully named them KC and the Sunshine Band.

I have kept tetras because they come from a hardy sort, and require not the attention of other, more alluring tropical fish. Also, they supposedly live well together and all tetras have a common ground of compatibility.

Imagine my surprise yesterday then, to find bits of fish and one nasty looking Blue Diamond tetra carcass floating on top of the water. Imagine the blow of realizing that KC had eaten the Sunshine Band.

My previous Buenos Aires tetra had a problem with munching on his playmate. I figured I just hadn't fed them enough and not on a sufficiently regular basis. So I altered that a little and it seemed to help, as that previous generation lived pretty well together until my air filter stopped working and they had to end up taking a trip through the porcelain roller coaster.

Apparently those red-tailed buggers are just an aggressive sort. And KC has earned my ire for what he did to the Sunshine Band. I can only begin to describe the scene yesterday as particularly gruesome.

So no more Buenos Aires tetras for this Hose Monster. And KC will just have to accept the fact that he broke up a good thing.