What to do when you feel so tired, yet cannot fall asleep?

Get up and blog, of course.

Of course, such a move would go better if I could actually sit down right now and write something thoughtful, brilliant, something that would make up for my relative withdrawal from blogging in the last eight months or so. Something that I could pump out, look at once, find a picture to go with it and then crawl back into bed, satisfied at the day's effort.

I suppose all moments we sit down to blog cannot have the blessing of eloquence fall upon them. Some people make an entire style of writing out of simply sitting down and busting it out. I marvel all the time how Kool Keith manages to sit down every day, generally with an apparent lack of forethought about the day's post, and just start jamming. Sometimes he comes up with some real gems in those moments.

Most of my posts have some thought put into them before they ever get developed. Either that or I have posts thrust upon me by the anecdotes that happen in my life, like cannibalistic fish pets and the like.

I loathe Paris Hilton. I find her not the least bit attractive, and she is as fake a celebrity as they come. Not that I care much for her sister either, but at least Niki has the good sense to keep her damn mouth shut and just enjoy knowing she is worth over $100M and hasn't done a damn thing her whole life. All of us want that kind of good fortune; she has the good sense to keep it slightly under control.

Sorry. I guess Paris Hilton got a guest spot on some TV show this week. Network executives shouldn't give fake celebrities TV spots.

I cut my finger tonight somehow, though I don't recall how, when or where. No blood either, strangely. Yet I have a slightly deep cut on the outer left part of the index finder on my right hand. Odd.

I continue to go nowhere with this one. I think I shall crawl back into bed and give sleep another go. Another big week starts tomorrow morning. Or I guess it's today morning now.