A number of my friends and family, (and a couple of my blogging friends) have asked me over the course of the past few months, when I planned to get myself good and engaged already.

Such inquiries brought me to sort of puzzlement. You see, I took it as granted that I would write about my engagement when it happened on this blog. No problem there. The issue arose in my wondering exactly how you tell people that you very recently asked the lovely Hose Mistress to marry you.

Do you start writing paragraphs upon paragraphs, explaining to everyone the entire process, from the shopping and purchasing of the ring, to the various scenarios planned and discarded in the groom-to-be's head, to the impulsive decision to do it one afternoon, complete with descriptions of how you pulled off the actual event?

Do you forego the background info and go straight to the engagement story?

Do you wait until you have digital photos of the ring and the happy couple available and then send them to someone you know who can host them for you (because you're too lazy and cheap to do that yourself...) so that everyone can see the two hotties that have suddenly gone off the market?

Do you just leave a one line post that says, "I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!"?

Or do you go write about a whole series of options of ways you might describe it before finally just telling everyone that you recently got engaged and more or less leave it at that, waiting a little while before you actually give out the details of the story?

I think I like that option the best.

So I'll just very happily share with you that HMstress and I got engaged last Friday afternoon. I did get down on one knee and offered her (what I think is) a gorgeous ring that I had specially made for her. And she said yes.

So for those of you who had February 6 in the Hose Monster engagement pool, congratulations.