It appears that so much time has passed since I last posted that Blogger went and changed templates for drafting posts. It took me a little while to figure out how to even start writing this. However, the interface looks much nicer, so I imagine most of you who have contiuned to use this format in my prolonged absence have appreciated the new features.

May times over the last five months or so I have thought to myself that Hose Monster had hit the end of the line. I still have not decided whether the blog will continue after this post. I have no idea of whether this post will start a revitalization of sorts. I know only at this point that I have had more "down time" (which is not to say that I have had tons) in the last two days than I have had in months. I have something I need to attend in just under two hours, and I paid for the internet access in my hotel room, so I figured I had better use the connection time while I had it.

I've spent the last couple of days in Milwaukee attending an orientation/recruitment retreat for the law firm I work for this summer, and I hope beyond. Starting a new, and perhaps career job, has counted only for one of the vast array of things that has kept me from posting. I have no desire to sum them up, in part because most all of them would seem boring to someone not involved in my life.

Whatever. This has no direction. I'll get back into it. But I felt like adding something to this space. Cheers.