I just wrote this great post about this game I used to play back in junior high. Then I accidentally lost it while trying to spell check it. I blame the pop-up blocker that Microsoft added to XP with Service Pack 2. So crap. I'll have to do it again some time.

Meanwhile, more proof that the New York Yankees deserve all loathing and contempt directed their way: they actually had the audacity to ask Major League Baseball to declare game one of yesterday's scheduled double header with the Tampe Bay Devil Rays a forfeit because Tampa Bay could not arrive at the stadium on time. The reason? Just some little thing called a hurricane. Actually, that hurricance that shut down most of Florida for a few days.

I mean, I know safety and family and all that crap are important. But the Yankees, who on August 10th held a 10.5 game lead over the comatose Boston Red Sox, have fallen on hard times, and now the Red Sox sit only 2.5 games behind the Evil Empire. Clearly, in that situation the Yanks should get the assistance of Major League Baseball when a really crappy team cannot safely make it to New York on time for a baseball game.

What a bunch of assholes. I hope the Red Sox pass them up, and then the Yanks continue to suck it to the point where the Angels pass them in the Wild Card standings. That would really make my day.