Around the Internet with the Hose Monster

For some reason, I'm all over the Internet today. Let's take a look and see what's going on out there.

  • The mysterious 3rd Leg has returned from his hiatus in a big way and explained to my satisfaction why I never get included in any of his rhymes: Hose Monster just ain't the greatest thing for rhyming, he says. Fair enough. He more than makes up for just because he links my name four times in two paragraphs. That's special. He also gives me a little shit for my theory that I wouldn't be able to close the deal with Heidi Klum. Perhaps. Just in the spirit of love, I propose that if the 3rd Leg got a chance to shack up with Heidi Klum, the shacking will not last more than a minute. I know it wouldn't with me. But then again, it never lasts more than a minute with me, so I think I'm making a safe assumption.

  • Evan Ames puts together his own 3rd Leg-like flow today, and the Hose Monster makes a guest appearance. Word.

  • Madness Maker was the first blog to jump on the list of things about yourself thing I did yesterday.

  • One of the people in the Newsweek article I ripped to holy shreds emailed Ryan at The Ward. He forgot to mention my criticism, but he remembered that I wrote it and that my critique was respectable, so hey, super with me.

  • Okay, so Dan the Goose didn't mention me today. Punk ass. But I definitely dug his post today. Good work. He's an honorary Hose Monster for the week.

Yup, my definition of "around the Internet" is really five sites. Oh well. Suck it.