Well, it seems that just as I get my computer back, my Internet connection in my apartment goes down and the tech cannot fix the problem without "a crew," whatever that means. It seems my lifelong quest for irony has met with great success lately.

Moreover, the normally reliable Haloscan comments have been very in and out, and I'm sure that's the only possible reason why no one has commented on my brilliant post about the need for a good female oral sex word.

I swear, in the last six months, I've had such shitty luck with computers that I am seriously considering tossing this thing in the can and buying myself an abacus. So sorry, kids, my gripe about poor customer service, along with other posts that at least try to catch you interest, will resume soon.

However, I do have some good news to report. We have a definitive answer to the question of "Who is that hottie?" An anonymous person posted in that comment that the mysterious hottie was Alesandra Ambrosio, but after all of us immediately went to Google and plugged her name in, we immediately decided that Mr. Anonymous was wrong. However, it turns out that this anonymous person was in fact right. Here's the site that convinced me (courtesy of a reader named PJ; thanks so much), and this picture pretty much confirms it. Check out the facial similarities. And I'm such a sucker for dark purple lingerie. Mmm.

That's all I've got tonight. Meanwhile, spend the time visiting my boy Alfred's either new or temporary blog, A Dog Named Clipper.